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Liaocheng sihe stainless steel material LTD We have 18 production lines and 5 production capillary tubing . the size 1/8-1″inch the thickness:0.2-2mm the length can be up to 4000m/coil without any welded ,we produce the tube as per ASTM A249 ASTM A789 ,ASTM A312 ECT, manufactures high quality Sheet and Pipe Develpments Ltd   is a leading expert in the field of stainless steel coiled tube ,stainless steel polishing tube ,Stainless steel seamless coiled tubing  can be used Sihe Stainless steel tubing in coils and on spools used for control lines, chemical injection lines, umbilicals as well as hydraulic and instrumentation systems. According Production standards: GB, ASTM, ASME, JIS and EN standard very strictly Steel types: 304/304L, 316L, 321, 2205  317L, 309S, 310S,625  825  INCOLOY800

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  • China Astm A269 316 Coiled Pipe Manufacturers

    There are several manufacturers of ASTM A269 316 coils in China. Some top manufacturers include: 1. Liaocheng sihe stainless steel material LTD 2. Liaocheng sihe stainless steel material LTD 3. Liaocheng sihe stainless steel material LTD 4. Liaocheng sihe stainless steel material LTD 5.xian avise...

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  • Is stainless tubing measured by ID or OD?

    Stainless steel tubing is usually measured by its outside diameter (OD). Inside diameter (ID) may vary depending on the wall thickness of the pipe.

  • How thick is a wall of 3 /16 tubing?

    To determine the wall thickness of 3/16 tubing, we need to know the outside diameter (OD) and inside diameter (ID) of the tubing. If the outside diameter is 3/16″ and no specific information is provided about the inside diameter, we cannot accurately calculate the wall thickness. Wall thick...

  • What is the ID of a 3 /4 inch tube

    The term “3/4 inch tube” generally refers to the outside diameter (OD) of the tube. To determine the inside diameter (ID), you need additional information such as wall thickness. The inner diameter can be calculated by subtracting twice the wall thickness from the outer diameter. It i...